Do you want ownership to the values you build?

With customers such as Kahoot, Pexip, Sats, Veidekke, XXL, Otovo and over 80 other listed companies safely placed on our own SaaS service, Optio Incentives is growing fastest in the Nordic region. We ensure that all processes around employee ownership go as efficiently as possible.

From our offices in Oslo, we will now conquer Europe. Together with the country's foremost experts in the design and administration of employee ownership, you can help create a new growth case in employee ownership. We have done a lot in a short time and have a service that has already proven its value in the market. This is still just the beginning of the adventure. Everyone who joins the company now will have great influence on products, solutions and corporate culture in the future.

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That we specialize in employee ownership is of course good news for you.

Of course, everyone who works with us enjoys the opportunity for ownership in the company. After all, it is our special field. If you dream of joining a Fintech company early on, which is already growing strongly and has good finances, this is therefore a golden opportunity.

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