Vi hjælper,
fra start til slut

Med den nødvendige erfaring og en moderne software, der muliggjør en nem implementering, problemfri administration og udnyttelse af incitamentsordningen, betragtes vi som en end-to-end partner for virksomheder, når det kommer til at administrere deres aktiebaserede incitamentsprogrammer. 

Vi er godt rustet til at guide dig gennem hele processen; fra idé til sparring med ejerkredsen, eller blot en leverance af softwaren som effektiv administrerer jeres program. Uanset hvad, får du en partner, der altid er tilgængelig og som gerne vil rådgive dig bedst muligt. 

Expertise and Guiding

A working plan for one company might not be the best for the other. Industry, location, employee-mix and many other factors might be relevant to analyse before concluding on the type of incentive arrangement and instruments that results in the highest perceived value among the participants.

Our experienced consultants sit down with your management and/or board, analysing your needs against the possibilities, advising on what’s best practice in your industry, as well as explaining complicated instruments in a way that all your employees can understand. We guide you (and all parties included) through the process, from start to finish.


Having a share-based incentive program can be challenging for your CFO and accountant. Simple in theory, but complex in nature. Knowing how to account according to the relevant standards (IFRS, GAAP) and how these require different calculation methods based on seemingly small changes in an incentive plan.

Our modern software is made to handle all types of share-based payments (instruments and incentive plans), delivering the numbers you need for your books, easing your CFO’s headache with compliant reports.

Employee Portal

Visualization is key. Equipping your participants with an easy to use portal which visually display how their instruments are preforming, real time. Giving them a go-to place for questions surrounding their plan, documentation and more. When the time for exercise arrives, use our proven practical process within the software, securing the fastest route from vested instrument into either equity share or cash.

A share-based incentive award should not be static, “stuck” on a piece of paper in a drawer. It needs to be alive, showing your employees that the hard work they put into the business rewards them, day by day.